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Symbole Kizito Anuarite

The group Anuarite In the years 1972-1973, youth movements were abolished in Zaire and religion classes were abolished in all schools. Miss TABU Amisa Marguerite, a catechist in Christ the King parish in the diocese of Kalemie-Kirungu, gathered children every Sunday after Mass under the mango trees, to give them a bit of joy and relaxation with dancing, games and instructions. In 1977, she asked Sister Tina Anthonissen, Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa, to help her to structure and expand these meetings. Sister Tina, who was had been involved with the Chiro Movement and the Eucharistic Crusade, was able to start the movement, not only for games and dances but especially for the Christian education of children and young girls. Besides the girls of Christ the King parish others joined from Mateo de Kifungo parish, St. Albert parish in Kalemie and from the parishes of Lubuye and Kaseke.…

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