Daily Archives: September 12, 2022

It was June 26, the MSOLA community, like all the parishioners of Saint Jean-Baptiste de Sceaux, was invited to the big annual end-of-year party. It was for Agnès Nouyrigat, the occasion of a beautiful meeting. Our church being too small to contain all the parishioners, a large tent was erected by municipal employees in the garden of the Menagerie, which allowed everyone to participate in the Eucharistic celebration. The choir, accompanied by several instruments was able to motivate the assembly, with well-chosen and catchy songs. The celebration ended with the blessing of the families. I must say that this gesture for the families particularly moved me. It was touching to see coming before the priest: fathers, mothers and children, several kneeling to receive the blessing, then putting into a basket a prayer intention written by the family. An aperitif taken on the spot, still under the tent, allowed people to…

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