Daily Archives: December 13, 2022

In the photo Sr Ghislaine with Sr Gisela from Rome ‘Tell me about Africa’.  From October 13th to 16th, we had the privilege of sharing in the beauty, grace, and harmony of Siter Ghislaine’s works of art. The exhibition was held at the ‘Carrefour Foi et Spiritualité’, in the basement of the St-Joseph-Bordeaux Church, thanks to the collaboration of several friends, devotees of Art and Africa. 24 paintings made on acrylics and mosaics, represented scenes from Burundi and Algeria, as well as Aboriginal Art from Canada. Sr Ghislaine went around the room with visitors to answer questions. The theme of ‘the Circle of life’ dominated, with representations of women, children, dancers and drummers, painted in colours where black, brown, red and grey clay predominate. One could also stop at leisure on a painting to allow a call for greater well-being to rise from within… This exhibition was really a praise…

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