Daily Archives: February 18, 2023

Sr. Elisabeth Biela joined the community of Karlsruhe in November 2020. As leader, she had accompanied the community, but the concrete apostolate was new for her: getting to know the laws concerning the displaced persons, the organisations like Caritas, Diakonie (the protestant Caritas) and Justice Project, persons with whom to network etc. Here she shares her experience. “Soon I was asked to accompany a Yazidi family from Iraq who were at risk to have to leave the country. Their problems are not yet solved, but they moved into a flat and feel at home. It is a real challenge to understand the complicated letters of the German administration, fill in papers, accompany them to offices and even find a job. But it is a great joy for all of us, when things work out. Sr. Kordula Weber has organised a German class for Arabic speaking women in our house, the…

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