Daily Archives: March 11, 2023

  Born in Switzerland, Bibiane Cattin was sent on mission to the Congo DRC where she remained for thirty-five years. She now lives in a retirement home in Fribourg and continues to live the spirit of our congregation. Here she tells us about one of her encounters. During my “pastoral visits” to the Home des Chênes, in Fribourg, I regularly meet Mrs. Edith (not her real name). She is 99 years old. One day, when I entered her room, I could not hide my astonishment to see on her table a Larousse Dictionary of 2022, some books and in particular, crosswords and other puzzles… Without introduction, she told me that she had just read a book by a Swiss exegete, Daniel Marguerat: “I have learned a lot about the Bible. Jesus experienced the same situation as many children today. He had no biological father. Certainly, the people of Nazareth knew…

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