Daily Archives: July 6, 2023

It has been almost a year since I arrived in Malaga and I have not stopped discovering the wealth of faith and self-giving that many Christians here have. It suffices to approach the parishes, to meet the people in, after and during the liturgical celebrations, in order to feel in a number of them, the strong Christian roots which inhabit them. Yes, these people still have a thirst for God that only needs to be quenched. Wanting to integrate and create relationships, I chose to be part of the groups that already exist and that have their own facilitator. These are: life-sharing groups, Bible formation groups, gospel sharing groups, couples groups, Caritas groups, social pastoral groups, marriage preparation groups, etc. These groups meet faithfully every week. I admire their sense of belonging to the parish. The fraternal relationships between the members show that they have known each other for a…

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