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Pope Francis contributes the preface to a new book on human trafficking, entitled « Women crucified”, by Fr Aldo Buonaiuto, a priest of the Pope John XXIII Community. The shame of human trafficking as told from the street ». In the preface, Pope Francis recalls one of his Mercy Friday visits to a house run by the Pope John XXIII Community for victims of human trafficking. “I did not think I would find such humiliated, afflicted and suffering women there”, writes the Pope. “Truly, women crucified”. Pope Francis describes listening to “the moving and very human stories of these unfortunate women, some of them with their child in their arms”. Afterwards, he says he felt the need to “ask forgiveness for the real tortures they had to endure because of their clients, many of whom call themselves Christian”. Rescue and rehabilitation “A person can never be offered for sale”, writes the Pope.…

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Begone interview

After many years spent in Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Mozambique) Sr. Begoña Iñarra Spanish was

Begone interviewsent for mission to Paris where she is working with Aux Captifs, la Libération, an organization helping women get out of prostitution. Sister is also a member of RENATE, Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation.

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Centre Delwende Ouagadougou
cadenas Paris esclavage

cadenas Paris esclavageIn “hot neighborhoods” of major European cities where prostitution is practiced,

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