The KA movement - Kizito-Anuarite -

born in the DRC in the Diocese of Kalemie-Kirungu, is at the service of Christian and civic education of youth. Several Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa in this movement found fertile ground in the blossoming of their vocation. Centered on the knowledge of Christ, apostolate to the poor, services in the church, dances and games, KA members discover the missionary dimension of their baptism.

The KA motto:

"A Kizito boy lives in Christ!"
"An Anuarite girl lives in Christ!"
When KA members meet, they greet with a :" SHALOOM "

étoiles KAThe 10 stars of KA:

A Kizito boy ... An Anuarite girl...         
1. Lives in Christ
2. Is a witness
3. Serves others
4. Is a good Christian
5. Is a Friend
6. Thinks of others
7. Rejects evil
8. Sows joy
9. Makes sacrifices
10. Proclaims the Word.

 Hymn :

Florence MwambaIn peace and unity
Lord, we walk towards you.
United in your love
We walk towards you.

Gathered in your love, Lord.
United in the same faith,
You show us the way Lord,
Which leads towards you.

On the Kizito road (or: On the Anuarite road)
Lord, we walk towards you.
Nourished by the same spirit,
We walk towards you.

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