The story tells how MSOLA - Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa- keeps close to her heart the cause of the woman in the world;

she wants to make a difference in the life of the one who brings to life;
the one who carries life in a secret place and brings it as a gift to this world;
male and female;
slave and task master;
rich and poor,
king and prince.
MSOLA cares for humanity because the woman she cares for is at the center of human life.

On her mission to serve the woman, MSOLA knows no boundaries.
The mountains so high,
the ocean so deep,
the wilderness so dense would not prevent her from responding to the cry of a woman in despair.

In this amazing story, our unsung HERO “MSOLA” has brought a special touch to the lives of vulnerable mothers and their babies in a very remote area in the Kasai oriental province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

PROSAMIHer journey started in 2010, when she learned about PROSAMI, an organization for the promotion of maternal and infant health in the rural areas, through the training of midwives, and the establishment/rehabilitation of maternal health care centers in areas geographically accessible to the rural communities to be served.
It has been proven and the scientific world proclaims it: “Strengthening midwifery education is the surest key to overcome maternal and infant mortality”. MSOLA seized the opportunity and selected PROSAMI as one of her channels to reach out to the women in that remote part of the world, which has been regarded by many as a “NO GO ZONE” to this day. Since stepping in, MSOLA has invested in supporting the training of Congolese nurses to become advanced midwives.

In the hands of these advanced midwives, trained with the help of MSOLA:
- Scores of mothers and newborn babies have escaped death during childbirth.
- The community has been spared the terrible task of digging one more grave.
- Children have escaped the plight of street orphans.
Stories of mothers saved thanks to MSOLA abound; attached is a power point relating just a few to say:


Ms. Agnès Kanyanya

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