affiche Afrika QuébecAFRIKA-QUEBEC intercultural meeting Expo: September 26 to October 16, 2015

AFRIKA-QUEBEC: the story of a long-lasting friendship

Women and men of Quebec, in Africa:

In 1901, the Missionaries of Africa (known as the White Fathers), and in 1903, the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (known as the White Sisters), opened their first house in Quebec City, rue des Remparts. Very soon, some young women and men of Quebec chose the missionary life and left Quebec to go to Africa.

A large number have spent their whole life there, others several years. Today, we still see them serving in several African countries. Those who are back in Canada have a message for us:

«In Africa, we have been warmly welcomed. We have learned the local language, the history of the country; we even danced to the rhythm of the drum. We were introduced to the local customs and culture. With the African families, we have shared joys and sorrows. Through all these, and over the years, strong bonds of friendship and solidarity were woven between us.

Also, several families in the Province of Quebec came to know and love Africa, through us, the missionaries. Thus, they became more open to others and grew in solidarity. Until this day, Africa is still close to their hearts. Along the years and to our great joy, young African women and men have become missionaries in our institutes».

Africans in Quebec :

Today, the missionaries who come back from Africa, find right here in Quebec, Africans who have become Quebecquois. Our desire is to know them, to relate with them, to be hospitable to them as they have been to us. We wish to share joys and pains with them and to experience friendship and solidarity. We asked ourselves how we could do this ? This is how the project Afrika - Quebec encounter is born!

Warm Welcome to All of You who Love Africa and Quebec!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow:
'Every true encounter changes something in us '.
With all our heart, we wish that these encounters will bear fruit for tomorrow. Fruits of joy, of friendship and mutual understanding, in a spirit of dialogue and a growing sense of belonging, all along our walk together towards our common future, here in Quebec.

Programme: see our poster Afrika - Quebec

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