Madame Adonis et ses poulesWe go to Haiti to meet Mrs. Adonis who is cooperating in creating a climate for change in her village of Jacmel in the south of the country.

Who is Mrs. Adonis?

She is a survivor of the terrible earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2010. A great desire seized her--that of helping to rebuild her village, Jacmel. Since she belonged to the group « Fanm Deside » (Determined Women) affiliated with "Development and Peace", she set up with her group, the social enterprise « BON POUL » (Happy Hen). ). This company specializes in breeding and marketing chickens. Profits help fund her work with the poorest and more vulnerable women in Haiti. ''Bon Poul'' is the only henhouse in the community.

HAITIWhat role does Mrs. Adonis play in the "Happy Hen" company?

She is one of three people chosen to take care of the henhouse. Her role: to feed and care for the poultry and check the conditions of the barn, i.e. the room temperature, lighting and humidity. She prepares the crates of chickens for sale and the sales receipts. This work allows her to provide for her family.

The establishment of the henhouse enables sustainable employment especially for women. The chickens are sold not only to the business market but also in local markets and hotels in Port-au-Prince, the capital. "Our chickens," says Adonis, "are cheaper than imported ones, so the women who sell have more profit, allowing them to send their children to school. And women who buy chickens pay less and have more savings. So everybody is benefiting and our purchasing power increases."
How not to rejoice in such a project in which the whole community benefits! Congratulations to Mrs. Adonis and all her collaborators and long life and prosperity to the "Happy Hen" enterprise!

*** In Montreal, the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa came together with other sisters, the Daughters of Wisdom, to continue their reflection on the topic "Creating a climate for change together." To do this, they used the materials proposed by the Development and Peace-CARITAS CANADA for 2016 Lenten-Sharing. The highlight of the liturgy this year was inspired by the Holy Year Jubilee of Mercy and the encyclical "Laudato Si'." The Church invited us to make a pilgrimage of solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Haiti, Paraguay, Indonesia and the Palestinian Territories.
Sr. Marie-Claire Pelletier

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