quartier CartiervilleA real village!

 Nearly 30 years ago, the contextual realities brought the MSOLA into a 12-story building owned by the Sisters of Providence of Canada: a real village!

At present there are 200 sisters aged 80 and over who come from different congregations, 16 women's congregations and one male. They are found everywhere: chapel, corridors, cafeteria, infirmary, outdoor field. Hence the name Carrefour Providence.
The majority live this situation with a courageous sense of adaptation, a lot of friendliness and openness, while declaring "We are no longer home." Yes, it is the reality that must be admitted.
The sisters of the various congregations share certain paid and unpaid tasks, helping to ensure the proper functioning of the residence with the 200 or so secular employees who provide essential services.

Canada 2017.1The Providence Pavilion, a periphery inside the village:

The infirmary is called Pavillon Providence and is spread over nine floors. 195 sisters of whom 16 MSOLA and some priests are received there for the 5th phase of their life. A MSOLA nurse is designated as a link between our sisters and the medical team.
Since the beginning of our presence here, the MSOLA have carried their charism, their compassion, comfort and tone to the sisters residing in the Pavilion. Lately, sharing our reflections on the next chapter, several have become aware that the Pavilion is a periphery inside this building.

"Be sisters for one another":

Several of us regularly come to our sisters for prayers, singing, coloring for adults, card games or other interesting games; write letters on their behalf, make many small services or even accompaniment with health specialists. Sometimes almost silent visits, being simply with our sister preparing to' see God'.

cartierville terrasse

Although there are many activities organized by a recreation specialist and her team throughout the year, our sisterly visits are greatly appreciated by our sisters who say this keeps a constant link with the MSOLA.
A small number regularly undertakes to take care of their clothing or to bring the less autonomous sisters out on the terrace. At certain festivals we form a group ready to go and pick up some of them.
These services bring alive the desire of Mother Marie Salome: "Be sisters for one another." As Jesus said: "What you do for these little ones you do for me." It is done with pleasure and it makes us live.

Sister Monique Ferland, Cartierville.

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