soeurs H et C

A the University chapel Lublin

The celebrations startet with the Eucharist at the University chapel KUL-Lublin where our cty from the first years was collaborating with the Jesuit-chaplaincy. The choir executed magnific african songs . They have already a big repertoire since many years.Our sisters in Lublin invited a youth group which prepared the procession for gifts accompagnied by dances and intercession prayers. The main celebrant in his introduction recalled in a few senteces the history of our presence and collaboration in the chaplain-activities.


By the White Fathers

The following saturday, at the White Fathers chapel we were thanking and praying with their friends and families for their welcoming and collaboration during the 25 years of our presence.

In our Parish

Then on the sunday 19th of june we continued our thanksgiving celbration in our Parish run by the Pallotine priests. The whole community of Missionaries of Africa with the Parish priests and some Nigeran priests-students celebrated the sunday liturgy. s.Cecylia(superior) of our community of Missionary sisters of our Lady of Africa in Lublin, gave un introduction and after mass thanked all members of the parish to have celebrated with us. Communities of other Cognregations and groups of youth contributed with songs and danses and witnesses.

danse messe

Our new sisters Magdalena and Alicja who pronounced their first vows in Burkina Faso on the 30th of april were on homeleave gave their hand ans so did many neihbours and friends for the following fest in our garden.
I left on the 21sth with the hearth full of thanks for the invitatation to be part of this thanksgiving for all the years in Lublin. The mission work-animation continues by our younger sisters and my prayers accompanies them.

Sr. Adelheid Arrneger



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