Càrol Garcia Murillo, Spanish, entered the Congregation in 2001. She had to interrupt her formation because of a serious lung disease. In spirit, Càrol never ceased to be part of our religious missionary family and in February 2012 she pronounced her missionary commitment as an associate member of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa.

In spite of the limitations imposed on her by her illness, Carol lives her missionary vocation to the full. From her wheel chair and sometimes her hospital bed, she writes a weekly Newsletter that reaches more than five hundred people; she participates in talks in schools, parishes and other forums. She is a pastoral agent in the parish, busy with catechesis, leading prayer and liturgy of the word. She brings communion to elderly people in a home and does personal accompaniment: She is a bridge for the integration of many African migrants who live in her village.


It is amazing what can be done when one lives her vocation with great zeal. It is not the situation that matters but the attitude and the desire to continue sowing wherever you live, wherever you interact with all those around you.

Apostolate with children preparing for the sacraments

The encounters with the little ones who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist are more than just endearing. The great happiness that mixes with their innocence makes them enjoy each activity that is prepared, week after week.

Spiritual accompaniment and interreligious dialogue


The accompaniment I do with a young Muslim affected by a serious illness gives a lot of meaning to my daily life. He reminds me of one of the reasons why I wanted to be part of the family of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa: that is, the dialogue and the union between different religions that can enrich us both. Beyond the name we give to the God we follow, there is always the yearning to love and respect all our sisters and brothers whatever they do and wherever they may be.

Celebration of the Word with elderly people

A fantastic experience for me is the weekly visit to the Nursing Home for the Celebration of the Word with elderly people. Such joy, the way they receive us and their participation in this prayer time. We end it by sharing Communion together. And there is something else that fascinates me about this pastoral task: the change in attitude of the workers and caregivers of the center. From the beginning of the mission in early November until today, I notice a great change in their attitude, an excitement that has greatly enriched the Friday meetings. Their spontaneous participation, their joy and their sharing, show that nothing is impossible for the Lord. We never know for sure how far we might go when we commit ourselves to being disciples of Jesus. The Way of the Cross that we prayed together, feeling in communion with our parish and community has launched this Holy Week in the Nursing Home. It is for this reason that, as I mentioned at the beginning, I want to continue learning to sow with Him, seed by seed, hand in hand!

Vocation animation among the youthFRWDE5091

The two encounters I had with young people who participated in the Passover these recent days were unforgettable. (There were 250 boys and girls from 15 to 25 years old. A beautiful Holy week prepared by the Jesuits). The young people in high school as well as the university students were very attentive to my testimony.

Telling them about how I live in hope despite pain and suffering, gave rise to an intimate dialogue and sincere sharing. We are often blind ... We are not aware enough of the quality and the commitment of many of our young people. May the joy of the risen Jesus give us hope that a better and more just world is possible for everyone without exception!

Those who want to follow Jesus know we are in this world to serve. Despite my illness, I hope to continue serving for many years. I am far from you, but I feel one among you, my dear sisters!

Càrol Garcia Murillo

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