jubilé 2016Women apostles for Africa since 70, 65, 60 and 50 years!

jubilé 2016 Pays Bas

"Today, together with our sisters in the Netherlands - Boxtel, we are grateful to God for His uncountable graces. In a special way, for the gift of religious vocation and faithfulness of our sisters who have celebrated their jubilees and to whom we are saying "congratulations"!

70 years of religious life
- Sr. Wil Hansen,
65 years of religious life
- Sisters Angela Brekelmans, Tonnie de Bekker and Annnie de Groot
60 years of religious life:
- Sisters: Marianne Kemmeren, Theresia Brattinga, Bertie Lintsen and Greet de Vries
50 years of religious life - Sr. Marie MacDonald

A decoration for our sisters :

To our great surprise, the Mayer of Boxtel, Mr. Mark Buijs, came not only to congratulate our sisters for their jubilees, but also to thank our sisters who, after 20 to 50 years of working in Africa, they have been fruitful in their home country (Boxtel) after their return through:
jubilé 2016 Pays Bas Boxtel- working with women, children, homeless, drug addicts, migrants, refugees, alphabetization, interpretation, inter-religious dialogue, singing...

To express this recognition, the Mayer decorated them with a Medal entitled "Erepenning van verdiensten van de gemeente Boxtel in zilver" and congratulated us all as a congregation for our 150 years of our existence.

Really, we have spent a very delightful day!

Sister Anafrida Biro, Missionary sister of Our Lady of Africa from Tanzania and in mission in Poland

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