collage earsWord of God : Mc 4,1-20 :

"Listen! A sower went out to sow ... "(4,3)" ... the good ground: those who hear the word, welcome it and bear fruit. "(4.20)

Texts : "It is the Holy Spirit himself who says that he does not live in the tumult, not more in the tumult of feelings and thoughts, than in the streets and squares." Cardinal Lavigerie

"Silence prepares the soul to speak to God and God to speak to the soul." Mother Marie Salomé

Exercise :

On my way to college, school, work, or simply strolling through the streets, I go attentively / attentive to noises around me, the closest as well as those more distant. I practice listening to them, longer than usual.

Then I pray: Jesus, I entrust to you all these persons I meet, these workers, those passing by...

It is by listening to external agitations that I find the silence inside me.

During this first week of Lent, I will be more careful / attentive to inner silence,
a silence inhabited by the presence of God in me.
And I give thanks.

Pray during Holy Week
I fast with my mouth!
Praying with the women, on the Day of the Resurrection.

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