Mystères douloureux Lavigerie


During my life, I had to reproach myself for many miseries, but still I can give myself this testimony, I was faithful to my commitments as priest and bishop. It is to my devotion to Mary that I attribute this precious grace.

1. The Agony:

"My Father, if it is possible let this cup pass from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will." Mt 26:39

God decided that the world would be redeemed through suffering; that is his will.

2. The Scourging:

"Pilate wishing to satisfy the crowd, released Barabbas to them and after having Jesus scourged he handed him over to be crucified." Mt 27:26

You must be ready to suffer everything even to shedding your blood; and if that is not why you came here, you can leave. I say this to those who are here and to those who will come in the future.

3. The Crowning with Thorns:

"The soldiers led him away inside the palace, that is the praetorium, and assembled the whole cohort. They clothed him in purple, and weaving a crown of thorns they placed it on his." Mk 15:16

The sisters will remember well that entering a missionary society in search of material satisfactions would be a kind of betrayal. Our Lord called them to share his sufferings and his work, and not to satisfy their sensuality or curiosity.

chemin de croix Lublin Jésus4. Carrying of the Cross:

"So they took Jesus and carrying the cross himself, he went out to what is called the Place of the Skull, in Hebrew, Golgotha." Jn 19:17

It is not difficult to follow our Lord when he shows himself to us in his consolation, in his rewards, in his glory. It is most difficult to follow when he carries his cross and to carry yours with him. And yet it is only by this sign that his true disciples are recognized.

5. The Crucifixion:

"When they came to the place called Golgotha, they crucified Jesus and two criminals there, one on his right the other on his left.... They divided his garments by casting lots. The people stood watching; the leaders sneered at him: 'He saved others, let him save himself if he is the Chosen One, the Messiah of God.'" Lk 23:33-35

I see in the life of the Savior that the only time he wanted to solemnly recognize Mary as his Mother in face of the universe, was when dying on a cross, insulted, cursed, blasphemed by all people, he could not fear pride by that last testimony of her love, the mother of a dying one. This is how Jesus Christ and Mary loved humiliations.

Rosary meditated and prepared by Sister Madeleine Gelinas
with texts from Scripture and from our founder, Charles Cardinal Lavigerie.

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