1st Sunday of Lent

When I leave my house, do I look at the sky?
What color is it?

bleu eucharistie 

Lc 4.4: 

The devil said to Jesus:
"If you are the Son of God,
tell this stone to become bread."
Jesus answered him,
"It is not by bread alone
that man will live."

 Bleu collage  

Mother Marie Salomé:

"Man's life of on earth
is a struggle, a war.
Enemies are numerous.
Since the demon has dared to tempt
Jesus, our leader,
can he spare the members?"
 bleu ciel  

Cardinal Charles Lavigerie:

"To follow our Lord is not difficult
when he shows himself in his consolations,
in his rewards, in his glory.
The hardest,
is to follow him when he carries his cross,
and carry it with him.
And yet it is only by this sign
that his true disciples are recognized."

Let us pray :

I stand in front of a window or outside the house
and I look at the sky.
What color is it?

Then I imagine Jesus in the desert
looking at the horizon,
and I look at it with Him.

I listen to the words exchanged between the devil and Jesus.
And I wonder:
Where are my places of struggle?

I ask Jesus to fight
with Him, like Him,
humbly, firmly.

And I conclude my prayer by slowly reciting the Our Father.

To pray Lent in colors :

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