What am I thirsting for? What can quench my thirst?

eau Anafrida

Jn 4:5-42:

Jesus answered her,
"Whoever drinks this water
will again thirst;
But he that drinks the water that I will give
will never thirst again;
And the water that I will give
will become a source of water
gushing forth for eternal life."

eau fontaine Mother Marie Salomé:

"The closer a soul comes to God
somehow communicating
with divine perfection,
and the holier she is,
the more it seems she thirsts for simplicity."

eau mer Cardinal Lavigerie:

"My children
you must be crazy about Jesus Christ
as I am myself."


Let us pray:

I take a glass of water;
I place it before me.
Then I drink it slowly.

I taste it, its freshness ...
I thank God for "Sister Water."
I realize how fortunate I am to have water to drink.

Then I read the text of Jn:4.
What water is Jesus talking about?
Are there any moments in my life
when I have received this water "gushing forth for eternal life"?

What am I thirsty for at this time in my life?
Where to find this water "gushing forth for eternal life" that will quench my thirst?

I finish this time of prayer
Speaking with Jesus as a friend speaks to a friend.

To pray Lent in colors!

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