sancta maria

The Sancta Maria prayer.This is a very ancient hymn sung by the sisters, Fathers and Brothers the Missionaries of Africa

- White Sisters and White Fathers,during our family celebrations. This hymn is from the time of St Augustine.

A hundred and fifty years ago the Christians of Algeria sang it; Cardinal Lavigerie loved it and he shared it with his missionaries.

Since the beginning of the Congregation, Sisters entrust their mission to Mary,singing this hymn. Formerly at the mother house in Algiers sisters met every evening around the statue of Mary to sing the Sancta Maria.

Today, this hymn is fervently repeated by all generations of Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa during our family celebrations: religious profession, jubilees, gatherings ...

marie statueHoly Mary,
Help the afflicted
Aid the faint-hearted
Comfort the sorrowing
Pray for the people
Intercede for the clergy
Plead for women consecrated to God
May all who keep this holy commemoration feel the power of your help.

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