1 ers voeux 30 avril 2016SHARING OUR JOY: APRIL 30, 2016

On April 30, 2016 in Bobo Dioulasso supported by the prayers of our sisters we made our first vows--to follow Christ in obedience, poverty and chastity. We want to share briefly our experience on this feast day.

Magdalena 1ers voeux 30 avril 2016. 2Sister Magdalena ORCZYKOWSKA :

April 30: day of joy in belonging to HIM. 18 months of formation, learning at all levels, deepening of the inner life: The 18 months at the school of Jesus culminated on April 30, 2016 with my first commitment in consecrated life, in missionary life and in the life of a Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa.

The joy of belonging totally to Jesus filled my heart and continues to flood it even today. Carried by the prayer of the people who came to meet us at the Novitiate in Bobo-Dioulasso and many others around the world, I answered "yes" to his call. I gave everything to him, "everything I have, everything I am," as the lyrics of our hymn, being aware that this is a word and a gesture to be made every day of my life with Jesus, especially when facing the challenges and difficulties of the mission, facing my weakness and helplessness, facing moments of solitude or darkness.

I experienced this great love that God has for me, love that on 30 April, was manifested in the gift of the Eucharist and in the joy and tenderness on the part of our sisters and all the people beside us on that day. I cannot find words to thank God for all the wonders of his love in my life: so many people and events, so many little details full of his tenderness that made me discover his will for my life, my particular path to holiness - that of the three evangelical counsels (obedience, poverty and chastity). Now my only desire is to "live for Jesus, live with Jesus, live like Jesus, live according to Jesus, to live Jesus," following the example of Mother Marie Salome. And may the love and fire that inflames me at this moment never be extinguished.

Alicja 1ers voeux 30 avril 2016. 2Sister Alicja TOTON :

Joy, peace, deep gratitude ... These are my most important memories of the day of my first commitment.

Joy: because through this desire to completely belong to Him, I found in Him the confirmation that He too wants me, he welcomes me, I belong to Him ... and also a great joy to be with our sisters who came from far to celebrate the love of Christ with us.

Peace: of a pilgrim beginning his journey with full confidence in his guide. The peace of a child taking its first steps under the watchful eye of its Father, in his loving and reassuring presence.

Deep Gratitude: first to God who has done such wonders for me!
and to my sisters – for the road traveled together, all this effort preparing our feast—simple, beautiful and full of joy; for all the countless gestures of affection and love ...
And finally, gratitude to so many people whose prayers carried me throughout my journey ...

Aurélie 1ers voeux 30 avril 2016. 2THANK YOU !

Take Lord, receive all that I have and everything I am
Take Lord, receive, it was you who gave me everything ...

First vows of Maria Anuarite, Butare, 30th April 2015
First vows of Jane, Anna and Redempta, Arusha 30th April 2015
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