2017 1ers voeux Bobo Dioulasso 2Sr Angèle Aganze, from DRC, send to Ghardaïa in Algeria
Sr Ywona Cholewinska, from Poland, send to La Marsa in Tunisia
Sr Faustina Baawobr, from Ghana, send to Kinshasa in DRC
Sr Aline Busane, from DRC, send to Dar –Es- Salam in Tanzania


Angel Aganze:

This April 29, I made my first profession. This is for me the most important day in my life. When I walked towards the altar, I felt carried by someone and I believe it was Christ. I feel that He has become more intimate to me. I felt a degree of joy never felt in my life. Yes, this day is unforgettable! When I received the light of Christ, I felt transfigured. When I made my vows, I felt myself covered with a loving presence of Christ. As I stood up, I realized the embrace of two lovers: Christ and me. How wonderful! I feel very confident. At the time of sending, it was Christ speaking directly to me. And so I am convinced that it is He who sends me to this Algerian people and that his presence will never leave me, wherever I am. It is joy that floods my heart. A joy to be received by God in our MSOLA Congregation. Now I feel that this becomes my own family. I feel a full member. "The Lord has done marvels for me. Holy is his name." Thank you for welcoming me as I am and for joining us to share this immense joy. Thank you also for accompanying me with your prayer in the mission entrusted to me by Christ.

2017 1ers voeux Bobo Dioulasso 3Faustina Baawobr:

This day was for me a day that I will never forget. I was moved during the Eucharist because the Lord was for me a living sign and I believe that the Holy Spirit received today will enlighten and protect my path, my mission and my life as a young professed sister in community. I felt touched by our two MSOLA and M Afr families in Africa, and also my biological family in union with the universal Church. During the sending, I already felt the warm welcome in the Congo from my Sisters who raised me up to heaven and the reaction of my brother Bishop Richard in the joy of my appointment. In any case I am full of joy. Many thanks to my dear sisters for your prayers and support.





a Cholewinska:

2017 1ers voeux Bobo Dioulasso 1

The day of my first engagement was inscribed in my heart with multiple colors and the anchor to remain there as a very beautiful memory, source of joy and deep peace. First of all I cherish this feeling of the immense love of God, which enveloped me and which was committed to me in his great fidelity. Two desires were met, that of God always strong and burning and mine more fragile--to


become now one and it is a wonder in my eyes. Surrounded by my sisters and all the people who came to share our joy this day, I felt this great unity of our MSOLA family and the human family that we form across borders, religions, ages ... Congratulations and Wishes for us young professed sisters who continue coming from the four corners of the earth to assure me that on this path that opens before me as a consecrated woman apostle I am not alone and this makes me happy and confident...

2017 1ers voeux Bobo Dioulasso 5

Aline Akonkwa Busane:

Dear Sisters, I am delighted to share with you the immense joy that I experienced on April 29, the day of my first religious profession in our MSOLA family. It is an unforgettable day in my story when I sang the magnificat with Mary. I was pleased to see our sisters who came to support and accompany us, and I see that the whole congregation was with me and the whole Church. As I pronounced the vows, I was happy to belong to a new family that gathers us all together and has God as our only Father. I sang praises to the Lord with the psalmist. "This is the day that the Lord has made, a day of joy." I am overwhelmed, what I live is joy and gratitude. Thank you so much for officially welcoming me into our MSOLA family.

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