"This is the day that the Lord has made, let it be for us a day of feast and joy." Ps 117, 24First Yolande

The dream come true

The 30/04/2018, was an unforgettable day in my life in which the Lord filled me with his joy and inner peace.

I was very happy to move towards the altar with the processional hymn that spoke to me so much: "Naja kwakoBwana, unipokeemtumishiwako" which translates: "I come to you Lord, receive me, your servant". I said to myself, the dream nourished for years is realized today, the offering of all my being to God in the service of my brothers and sisters. I was delighted to pronounce my vows for the first time in complete freedom and confidence; by pronouncing them a strength and inner assurance inhabited me.

First Yolande 2Welcome into a new family

What has also given me much joy is that my great desire is fulfilled in my new family of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa. Dear Sisters, thank you for welcoming me as a member just as I am, and I repeat my gratitude to the MSOLA sisters who came to surround me with their presence at my first steps of life in the congregation and to celebrate together Our Lady of Africa, our patroness ; it was a blessed day for me. From the beginning to the end of the celebration peace, tranquility and joy have overflowed in me; it was exceptional, never before lived. The Lord has done wonders for me; Holy is his Name and He has given me grace in all conscience and freedom. I am committed to following him. I felt very comfortable in myself, with a good serenity.

Sent to Burundi

The Burundian community present at the ceremony conveyed their joy and I felt so welcome in my mission country where I have just been sent.First Yolande2

In any case it is God who gives grace; all that I am and what I experienced that day I owe it to the grace and love of God.

The day started in joy and also ended in joy. After the thanksgiving prayer in the evening we benefited from a blessing by our Father Bishop who came unexpectedly to join us in the chapel, just in time to give us his blessing. What a wonderful surprise.

Thank you

Sr.Yolande Kandongo from DRC

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