"The Lord has done wonders for me. Holy is his name ... "Francelline Hien final 3

On April 28, 2018, in the Parish Church of St. Therese of Avila de Pouloba in the Diocese of Diébougou, I pronounced my definitive "Yes" following Christ.

What a Grace! What joy! It was for me and for everyone a day of thanksgiving and joy.

In fact, the celebration of my definitive commitment has succeeded so well thanks to the commitment of my sisters, of the family who have prepared everything with love and joy.

To make ourselves known in the diocese of Diébougou

By expressing to the community of Ouagadougou Cathedral my desire to make of my commitment a vocation animation in the diocese, they proposed concrete and achievable things. They found themselves in face of a stranger, but this did not prevent their commitment. On Friday, April 20th our sisters Garduno Mejia Leticia and Sizalande Hortincia Filipe arrived in my village "Gbatair" in Pouloba. The next day, we went to the "Radio Unitas" of the diocese of Diébougou to present the congregation and our mission. Something that was well appreciated.

In the evening at St. Teresa of Avila parish de Pouloba, (my home parish) we received about 200 young people and children from the parish. Through videos and pictures we introduced them to our congregation, our mission, with the aim of sensitizing them about human trafficking and care for the earth. The young people were very receptive and listened attentively. On Sunday the 22nd we exhibited our panels. During Mass the priest gave us the opportunity to present ourselves to the community. Then after mass a meeting with the young people. All week long, our panels were exhibited in the Church.

Francelline Hien final 4Sr. Hortensia took the road back to Ouaga, Sr Leticia stayed with me in the village, in my family, peeling néré with my mother and preparing the decorations for the celebration. This was really a big surprise for the people of the village. Thank you Sister Leticia for this beautiful testimony and concrete sign of universal brotherhood.

Francelline Hien final

The celebration full of thanksgiving

On the 27th my sisters arrived from Ghana, Mali, Bobo and Ouagadougou to the number of 17 including the three postulants, Yolande who made her vows on April 30, and two aspirants from Ouagadougou.

The Eucharist was beautiful: with prayers, joy and dancing. The goodness of the Lord does not end. I once again experienced the joy of being the only and beloved daughter of God. The Lord knows how to count on me through his call and the joy He gives me in responding to Him with joy. His goodness has been manifested to me through all the gestures of sisterliness, solidarity, charity of everyone (friends, family, acquaintances ...)

I would wholeheartedly like to take this opportunity to say thank you first to God for his faithfulness and patience towards me; and a sincere thank you to each of you my sisters, wherever you are. Because I felt carried and supported in prayer by those who are far away; and supported, assisted and comforted by those who made the trip. The joy that shone in me today, I share it with you. Thank you my sisters for your simplicity and for the joy you gave me, to welcome you to my home, to your home. The family experienced your presence here as a blessing from God. Everyone said, "We have never seen this in our village" They wish you welcome at any time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Francelline Hien final 2

On Monday the 30th, I received at home a group of children who came to express their desire to dedicate their life to God. They asked me to send in their name. What a beautiful gift!! Bearer of hope, I believe there is a seed here to be nourished.

Sister Franceline HIEN, Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa

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