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A Formation itinerary:

The Congregation offers young women who express the desire to become a Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa a formation itinerary. Each period is in the service of human and spiritual growth of the individual in view of her life choice.

First discoveries:

With pre-postulate in her country or in a neighboring country, during 9 months, the candidate discovers little by little, life in a community of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa. She works and also attends classes.

The International Postulate

is a first spiritual period where young women from different countries experience together: apostolate, introduction to the life of personal and community prayer and teachings. This period lasts two years.

voeux bibleThe International Novitiate

is the founding period of our initial formation to missionary religious life. It lasts 18 months. This time of "desert" and of deeper listening to the Spirit allows the novice to discern the call she hears to follow Christ in our congregation. It leads to a strong attachment to Jesus Christ and his mission.

First commitment and sending in Mission:

At the end of the novitiate, the novice pronounces her first vows. Then she is sent on Mission. 

The period of temporary vows

lasts between 6 and 9 years. It allows the young professed sister to be rooted in our religious and missionary vocation by serving a church in Africa or elsewhere. During this stage or after final commitment, the congregation will offer her a time of biblical or theological studies.

Final commitment:

After 6 years of temporary vows, the young professed sisters meet together to live a time of preparation for final commitment. We call it the "Juniorate". Perpetual vows are usually made in the sister's home country. This marks the final commitment in the Congregation.