rue du cardinalA double invitation of the Lord resounds in my life: "Follow me" and "Go forth from your country, to the land I will show you."

This call gives me joy and dynamism. I would like to respond to it by joining other young people who like me, choose to give their lives to Christ for his Mission.

The call to become a Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa may be heard in many ways. Perhaps a Gospel passage invites me to proclaim Jesus Christ beyond all borders, a deep desire to give my life to Jesus, an attraction for Muslim-Christian dialogue, the desire to fight against all kinds of injustice, a commitment to the poor, immigrants in my own country, I can also be attracted by Africa for a long time.

Openness to others is important to me because it enriches my way of seeing the world, to understand the Gospel. This is how I want to live in an intercultural religious community with sisters who come from other cultures and other countries.

It can also be the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola that attracts me. I may have been initiated at a retreat or having been part of an Ignatian movement, and I would like this missionary spirituality to help me build my life project with Jesus.

 Vocation and discernment: contacts and addresses for every country

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