Angela et Carmen

Madga : Sister Angela Kapitingana is Tanzanian. After several years of mission in Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya, DRC, she was sent to the novitiate in Burkina Faso

to work in the formation of young women who want to become Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa. I asked her about her religious vocation.

Magda - Sister, how did you discover your religious vocation?

Angela – Discovering my vocation was not easy but in my heart I had a desire to share my faith with people who have no family especially orphans, I wanted to show that they are important in God's eyes. Very early I lost my mother. I wanted to help my sister who did everything so that I could study. I worked hard at school until I had the opportunity to go to university. It was a decisive moment when I felt in my heart a great desire, a need to get out of myself and reach out to others. I followed by choosing to become a religious sister. It was a difficult decision, taken against the opinion of everyone but the decision at that time, gave me inner peace.

lAfrique un appelMagda – Why did you choose the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa?

Angela - I visited at least 3 or 4 different congregations, but it was only when I met the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa that I thought, "Yes, that's it." That day I asked a lot of questions. I had heard a lot about their history. I was attracted by the simplicity of their life, by their way of being a missionary, of going out to others. At that time in this community there was a Maltese sister who spoke my language very well - Kiswahili. For me it was impressive. I felt an affirmation: "I can enter here."

Magda – We often hear that for a young woman to join the convent is a great waste. Do you ever regret not getting married, not starting a family?

Angela – It is a privilege for me to be a waste for God! It gives me great joy. I have never regretted my choice despite some great challenges I faced in my life. Always and everywhere I've lived, there was joy in finding my sisters and brothers united by faith in Jesus. Everywhere I go I have a big family! There is also an incredible wealth that I discovered in all this: my being a missionary will always involve my biological family. It is worth risking my life for God as a Missionary Sister of Our Lady of Africa and I will continue this until I die.

Angela Kinshasa 2Magda – What advice would you give to young people seeking their vocation?

Angela – First, look for someone who can guide you in your discernment. Prepare yourself well to serve God with your talents and be ready to meet God in your own experiences. Generously share these experiences with others. Give God the best of yourself and God will reward you; remember that God is not limited: "God cannot be outdone in His generosity."

Magda – Thanks for sharing, sister.
Angela – Thank you very much

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