jesus lublinTo live for Jesus
live through Jesus
live according to Jesus
live like Jesus
live from Jesus

The Interior Journey of Mother Marie Salomé (extract from her personal notes)

To live for Jesus. That He would be the goal to which all our activity tends, all our thoughts, words, work, sufferings, sorrows : that everything would be for Him.

To live through Jesus. Have recourse to Him as the source of light and strength in every circumstance; to have an intimate, close and active union with Him.

To live according to Jesus. That is to take Him as the norm for our conduct, conform our actions to the principles He gave us in the Gospel. Adopt his sayings, his way of seeing things, of judging things, of valuing things. To love what He praises, esteem what He esteems. Do what He counsels us to do.

To live like Jesus. It's to model our life on Jesus' life. In our bearing, to be modest and simple. Use his way of speaking, the simplicity of his language, the austerity of his behaviour, his kindness and affability, his humble piety and recollection in prayer.

To live from Jesus. That is, not to seek contentment, satisfaction, joy, consolation except in Jesus. That Jesus be the life of my soul. Life's contradictions, persecutions even, only skim the surface and cannot disturb one's calm and happiness as long as one's spirit feels that Jesus is pleased, that one is really serving Him.

Oh! Happy the one who lives from Jesus like this; she is already in heaven here on earth!