dieu louange notre dame afrique alger"God is simple and we know that from this marvelous oneness flows an infinite perfection of love and holiness. It is not our observations and reflections that God appreciates in our prayers,

it is the heart that we put into it; a heart which is a will wholly turned toward God and with the sole desire to please him. So pray to the Eucharistic Jesus to take full possession of our hearts, so as to penetrate them with the charity that burns in his own." Mother Marie Salome

"The work of prayer is the greatest thing we have to accomplish. The food of the soul and of the heart is even more necessary to a religious than that of the spirit. This food, you will find in constant conversation with God; that is in prayer and in reading. 'When we pray, said a Church Father, we speak to God; when we read he speaks to us." Cardinal Lavigerie

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