lavigerie visage1825 Oct 31 Birth in Bayonne, France
1849 June 2 Priestly Ordination
1854 Professor at the Sorbonne in Paris, France
1856 Director of Education in the East

His road to Damascus :
1860 His "Road to Dasmascus" Christians are killed in Lebanon and Damascus; Lavigerie is there to help refugees and orphans. His first contact with Muslims; he discovers his missionary vocation1861 Diplomatic function in Rome
1863 Lavigerie becomes Bishop of Nancy, France (aged 36)
1866 Lavigerie accepts the See of Algiers, a poor diocese, but "the gateway to all Africa... and her 200 million souls"

 LavigerieSyrieAlgiers :
1867 Lavigerie is named archbishop of Algiers
1868 Appointed Apostolic Delegate for the Sahara and Sudan
Oct 19 First Novitiate of the "White Fathers" at Maison Carrée
1869 Sept 8 First Novitiate of the "White Sisters" at Algiers
1872 Lavigerie presents himself as candidate for the Latin Patriarchates
of Jerusalem
He is not going there, but some Missionaries of Africa take his ideal there.
1874 First General Chapter of the White Fathers
1876 Pope Leo XIII accepts the petition of Archbishop Lavigerie to send missionaries to Uganda. The first caravan of White Fathers is massacred in Sudan
1878 Lavigerie is in charge of the Missions in Central Africa. The first caravan of White Fathers leaves for Central Africa. The first White Fathers arrive in Jerusalem
1879 Feb 17 The first White Fathers land at Entebbe in Uganda (Fr Simon Lourdel and Br Amans)
1881 The second caravan of White Fathers is massacred on their way to Sudan
1882 Lavigerie is made Cardinal by Pope Leo XIII

Anti Slavery campaign :
1888 Anti Slavery campaign: Lavigerie speaks in London, Paris, Milan,
Brussels and other capitals "I vow to relentlessly combat slavery"
1890 Nov 12, The Toast of Algiers – Lavigerie's Calvary
1892 Nov 26 Cardinal Charles Lavigerie dies in Algiers