je vous salue marie en arabe"I have learnt with satisfaction that you have started learning the Kabyle language.

A bit later, you should add to it the Arabic language that is also spoken in Kabylia, but that, above all, is spoken in all the rest of North Africa.
« How, says St Paul, will they hear if nobody preaches to them? » And I add: how could we preach, if we do not know their language? And how could we know it if we do not study it? The miracle of Pentecost happened but once. Since then, it is work that makes up for it, but work becomes easy and fruitful when it is inspired by charity." Charles Lavigerie.


Mère Claver en Ouganda Marie Louise de lEprevier

Letter to Marie-Louise de l'Éprevier, postulant – 13th October « Lavigerie to his missionaries »

The recommendation of our founder is still relevant when we arrive in a new country : An old catechist



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