Sorbonne 17 09 2011 421 - God is light for humanity (1856-1857)

Extract from a course given by Lavigerie at the Sorbonne during the academic year 1856-1857.

"Doubtless, humility is the first and most essential of our virtues. We cannot by ourselves acquire any right to the celestial gifts, but we can nevertheless work with this help from God which never fails to render us less unworthy. If then there are among you some who do not believe yet feel the desire for a faith which you lack, rather than seeking to get hurt instead seek to place your soul in a higher and more serene region.

God is light, and it is not in darkness that we must seek. The great men of the early days of the Church have shown us by their example a different path. They teach us that in order to prepare ourselves for a help to which we are never entitled but which God's goodness holds for us in reserve, we must without ceasing be humble. By the good use of our freedom and our reason, seek to remove the obstacles which prevent the grace of God from working in us."

Cardinal Lavigerie - Anthology of texts
Volume I (1857-1874) - Texts collected and presented by Jean-Claude Ceillier, M.Afr.
Rome 2016

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