Mother Salomé Book 1A source of enrichment for the whole Congregation:

It is with deep joy that we present to you “Listening to Mother Marie Salomé”. It is a complete translation of “À l’écoute de Mère Marie-Salomé” which gathered together many of her personal and official writings. Up to now only a selection of these had been translated into English, with the title “Mother Marie Salomé. Our Heritage”.

Mother Marie Salomé, as our co-foundress:

We venerate Mother Salomé as the co-foundress of our Congregation, the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa. She was totally animated by the same Spirit that the Cardinal Lavigerie heard when he brought our Congregation to birth.

An ever-greater fidelity to our vocation:

Her writings are like seeds that one lets fall into one’s heart and that are able to give a rich harvest. They challenge us to an ever-greater fidelity to our vocation, a vocation to be fully human. Mother Marie Salomé never wrote long treatises on philosophical or theological topics; she addressed her sisters in different circumstances, either through short talks or through letters written to individual sisters and communities. She discerned what was being lived and tried to help her sisters go a bit further in order to live more deeply rooted in Christ and take part in His mission. That is why what she wrote remains relevant, once we go beyond the expressions that were common in her time.

We should only seeIt was therefore a great pity that we were not able to access this treasure in English. Many sisters have contributed to the publication of this book. A special mention goes to Sr. Reninca (Rosa Ludovica Van Elzen) who translated the text and to Sr. Catherine Booth who edited it. We are deeply grateful to them and to the sisters who did the proofreading and prepared the text for printing.
May the reading of this book inspire each person who reads it and be a source of enrichment for the whole Congregation.

Sr. Carmela SAMMUT, Superior General
Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa. Rome, 25th March 2017

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