joy joie"Love begets joy - and what joy! pure, solid, deep, unalterable; a joy that is reflected on one's countenance producing a continual serenity; a joy that is a foretaste of that of the blessed." Mother Marie-Salomé

Joy gives a new dimension to Mission. How, without it, people would believe that we have Good News to share with them? If the joy in belonging to Christ penetrates and is shared, our life as consecrated people will witness to a God whose love is the source of life and happiness.

The joy of which we speak is neither a carefree joy, immature, which would be unaware of the difficulties of life. No, it is a joy which is firmly rooted in the world's realities, but which at the same time goes deeply down in the reality of God's love. That's what gives it its solidity, this "hope against all hope", which spurs us on to commit ourselves, to cooperate with God in transforming the world.

Mother Marie-Salomé, after having said that love begets joy, immediately asks the question: "And what joy?" and she answers: "A joy pure, solid, deep, unalterable..." Such joy is not determined by circumstances or events. This kind of joy resists all bewilderment. Such joy can even coincide with tears, because it is built on the rock of love.

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