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To be a woman apostle, a woman prophet, we must first get out of ourselves,

reach out to others who need to be listened to, to share their concerns, their desires and fight with them against injustice, risking everything to defend the voiceless and helpless, "because God himself is on their side."

For us it is first of all someone who knows how to look beyond appearances; who is able to see the action of the Spirit in the hearts of the people with whom she lives. She is able to discover and appreciate the talents of others. She constantly lives the depth of her relationship with God, always listening, attentive to the signs of the times, living discernment to fulfill the will of God. She can also be seen as a threat because she causes people to think and act. She is able to denounce injustice, to fight against evil, to risk her life to defend the "voiceless."

True charityIn his writings, Pope Francis encourages all consecrated people to go to the existential peripheries. He tells us that "the prophet habitually stands on the side of the poor and defenseless, because God himself is on their side." During our short experience in our congregation, we have seen that this prophecy is seen in different ways. First in hearing people speak of the work of our older sisters: for example the rehabilitation center for disabled people in Ouagadougou or the sister-nurses who visited and cared for the sick in their families in Burundi. We felt that this is a testimony of God's compassionate love.

In our apostolate in the Lepers' Center we often see the joy of the sick people. They tell us that there are not many people who dare to visit them. The situation is similar in Delwende Center where our sisters are committed to defending women accused of witchcraft and rejected by their families. They dare to speak and even oppose government people. They go to the villages, speak with the chiefs, sensitize people so they can change their mentality.

Novices of Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.

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