Beloved of sister Gyslaine Dubé Missionary Sister of Our Lady of AfricaObedience is like the "backbone" of our lives in following Christ.

To obey God through human mediation can be a beautiful witness awakening the hearts of those around us. What also seems very important to us is openness to spiritual accompaniment in confidence and sincerity.

In our experience of chastity, it is essential to first cultivate our personal relationship with Christ. Our life together in an international and intercultural community is a prophetic sign when we accept each other despite our differences; when we know how to accept a challenge with humility and challenge our sisters with respect. A simple smile can give life to one of my sisters or wake another one who may be isolated or locked in on herself. Creatively expressing our femininity and loyalty to community prayer is also essential to share our faith and be in communion with the people entrusted to us.

mainsIn speaking of poverty we first think of putting in common: not only material goods where our honesty and transparency may be prophetic signs but also sharing our talents. It is important to share them with generosity and simplicity, accepting also the gifts of others.

The evangelical counsels are complementary. The radical nature of our consecration requires us to be faithful to each one of them. Our experience of poverty cannot be separated from the experience of obedience nor the experience of chastity. what is essential is that our experience of the evangelical counsels leads us to transformation, to conversion.

Novices, Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

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