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Who is the missionary? The missionary is a person of charity. In order to proclaim to all his brothers and sisters that they are loved by God and are capable of loving, he must show love towards all, giving his life for his neighbour. The missionary is the “universal brother”, bearing in himself the Church’s spirit, her openness to and interest in all peoples and individuals, especially the least and poorest of his brethren. As such, he overcomes barriers and divisions of race, cast or ideology. He is a sign of God’s love in the world – a love without exclusion or partiality Extract from “Redemptoris Missio” of Jean-Paul II (n° 89).

Sisters of differents nationalities and continents present themselves.

chrétiens christians

chrétiens christiansHow to reach someone if I do not speak their language? How to get close to them if I do not understand? How to love a people and their culture if I do not understand their language?

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vie religieuse religious life

vie religieuse religious life“The gift of a religious vocation is a wholly gratuitous gift on Gods’ part, and a miracle of his mercy.” Mother Marie-Salomé

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feu fire

feu fire“The missionary must be a person of fire, called by vocation to continue the work of Our Lord.

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interculturalité interculturality

Since the beginning, Cardinal Lavigerie wanted us to be sent in apostolic international communities. Interculturality is an integral part of our “family treasure”, of our heritage… a heritage to which we hold firmly.

interculturalité interculturality

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chapitregeneral2011“In spite of the zeal of the Missionaries, their efforts will not produce sufficient fruit if they are not seconded by women apostles working with the women.

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Here is a small very useful methodology for respectful communication:

Take responsibility for what you say and feel without blaming others.

Choose empathic listening

Be sensitive to the different communication styles

Take time to reflect on what you feel and what you hear before intervening

Examine your prejudices and perceptions

Guard confidentiality

Take advantage of ambiguities because we are not there to find out who is wrong and who is right

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patricia massart

patricia massartAs I was discovering how Mary personifies hope, I felt the strong link between Mary and the Congolese mamas. I understood why these mamas personify hope for me.

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MagalilatelierTo carve is to think with the heart and speak with the hands. I admit that it is an exercise resulting in a lot of sweat …

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