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MagalilatelierTo carve is to think with the heart and speak with the hands. I admit that it is an exercise resulting in a lot of sweat …

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22congregatiosnreligieusesafricainesThe Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa, participated in the founding and formation of 22 African religious congregations. The story of a great adventure !

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women femmes

  We join with other women in their aspirations and their struggle to be recognised in their dignity.   Today women are called to unite in an effort to bring about the integral liberation of the human person and break down all unjust structures. Let us participate actively in all these efforts to make our world more human. This is also true for the Church. May it give women their rightful place; may it welcome and encourage women’s initiatives. Bishops of Uganda – 1997: “The absence of an adequate education was and still is a big obstacle to the full liberation of women. A community or a Church which ignores the educational promotion of their women will neither grow nor have a positive influence on the population, as it should have.”   Mgr Mpundu – 2nd Synod for Africa – 2009: “Denial of equality to women is an affront to…

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centenaire burkina logo

centenaire burkina logoThe Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa and BURKINA FASO : 100 years of shared history, 1912-2012 !

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tempête stormOn the 9th September 1869, eight young women from Brittany in the West of France, arrived in Algiers. This was one day later than foreseen due to a very bad storm while they were crossing the Mediterranean. And thus begins the history of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa!

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st Charles

“But where is your Mother House?”  Some people ask us. A “Mother House” is normally where a religious congregation was born and where we joyfully return for various reasons (religious professions, general chapters …) It is well known, the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa have a nomadic soul!!! Our Mother House is no exception to the rule, as it has undergone many transformations and relocations following the vicissitudes of history! Our Congregation was born in Algiers in 1869 at the initiative of Msgr. Charles Lavigerie. At the time of his arrival there, a famine plagued the country. He appealed to all people of goodwill on the spot and abroad, to accommodate the many orphans. Where to lodge all these people? First it was in a local district of Ben Aknoun. Then Msgr. Lavigerie acquired a large estate in Kouba. The 300 orphans settled in the house and outbuildings. Lavigerie…

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lavigerie caritas

  Lavigerie, an apostle of charity :On becoming bishop, Father Lavigerie took the motto “Caritas” and as his episcopal coat of arms, a pelican – this bird which feeds its young with its own blood! His life illustrated the motto and coat of arms he had chosen. Arriving in Algiers, he addressed the Muslim Algerians: “I claim the privilege of loving you like sons …” At the bishop’s house he welcomed orphans and he founded two missionary societies to help them – the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) and the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (White Sisters). He required their members the same compassion that he himself had towards the Africans. “For our love to bear fruit, we must see Our Lord Himself in the patients we care for and in those touched by our charity and our patience.” Is that what you experience in your missionary life?…

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                Friendship is the soul of dialogue. True friendship demands equality among people. It is not compatible with feelings of superiority or attitudes of condescension. Cardinal Leon- Etienne Duval of Algiers (1904-1996) True to its origins, the Congregation pays special attention to the believers of Islam. God, who is at the heart of every person, leads them in ways known only to him. We respect their way of faith different from ours, in the hope that we are all on the way to the Kingdom. In the various countries of the world where we live, we seek to promote an attitude of openness between Christians and Muslims through our activities and our friendship.