Daily Archives: March 16, 2022

In her first novel, “The Dey of the hospital – An adventurer in Algeria”, Laurence Huard bears witness to the hope and courage of those who leave their countries. In a style that is both accessible and pleasant, Laurence testifies here to exceptional lives and journeys! She says she was overwhelmed by extraordinary encounters, which remain in her memory. It is these very strong links with Algeria that she wants to keep so that these lives are not forgotten, their paths are not erased, and that these adventurers are recognized and honored. She is totally transparent, so that these encounters that have touched her, in turn affect the readers. Here is what the media say: “In twenty years of life on the African continent, Laurence Huard, a young Angevin, full of dynamism and enthusiasm, has crossed paths with extraordinary men and women. By writing, she lends them a voice and…

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