Interreligious and Intercultural Encounter -Dialogue

Interreligious and intercultural encounter-dialogue promotes peace and reconciliation in the community and in the world. It is an urgent  need in our world today, where there is a lack of acceptance for others who are different. Where fear, hatred and racism are on the increase, building bridges is very much into our charism.

We are intercultural, open to interreligious dialogue from the beginning of our existence as a Congregation. It was a practice for our first sisters to be proficient in Arabic and Kabyle when they first went to Algeria. And all sisters today, coming from more than 20 nationality, learn French and English and any other language or dialect necessary to the mission.

It is a call from Pope Francis in this year of mercy. It allows us to network with others. It promotes a deepening of an incarnated faith in view of the Reign of God.

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