Cardinal Charles Lavigerie (1825-1892)

lavigerie visage


Cardinal Charles Lavigerie was a man of faith, broadminded with extraordinary vision and foresight. He longed for a universal Church, adapted to the times and close to all the people in all the continents.

When he accepted to become Archbishop of Algiers, he saw this as an “open door” to the continent of Africa for the spreading of the Gospel. He had a passion for liberty and human dignity for all and he struggled mightily against the slave trade in Africa. To accomplish this, he founded, in Algiers, the Missionaries of Africa in 1868 and the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa in 1869. He wanted his missionaries to be true apostles of Christ. He understood the importance of the apostolate among women and recognized their primordial role for the transformation of society.

“I am human and nothing that is human is indifferent to me. I am human and injustice against another human being revolts my heart…”   

(Cardinal Charles Lavigerie)

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