Daily Archives: April 16, 2022

This year, the spring time brings together the major festivals of the three monotheistic religions: – Pessa’h 5782, which reminds the Jews of the liberating exit from Egypt – Aïd al-Fitr 1443, which closes the Muslim Ramadan fast; – Christian Passover 2022, celebrating Jesus’ victory over death. Can we take this opportunity to wish each other happy feast and “to share our joys and sorrows” as the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue invites us to do? We remember the suffering caused by the global pandemic. We all feel the violent tremors of war in the Ukraine and other countries. Natural disasters will continue. But all this must not extinguish our hope because Jesus has defeated evil and death. A hymn by Robert Lebel which can be found on the web carries this hope: Easter, spring of God! Easter, spring of the world! Easter, spring of the heart! Easter of Jesus-Christ.…

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A stone rolled away… A corpse… missing… “Strips of linen lying there”… Cloth wrapping the body “still lying in its place”… All these are seen, noted, but… No body lying there, NOBODY present! Yet, the gospel text tells us that when John had witnessed this scene, “He saw and believed.”  (John 20:1-9) Daily events… Regular meetings… Occasional encounters… Ordinary situations… Unexpected happenings… Unusual occasions… Overheard conversations… Surprising details… Which of these? All of these? At times… sometimes… could be… will be… the signs that could lead us to make the personal experience that John made. We will see and believe. We will NOT see any body – not ANYBODY – but we will perceive a presence. We will recognize the Risen Lord with us as surely as he was 21 centuries ago! source: www.image-i-nations.com