Daily Archives: September 22, 2022

This month was marked by a missionary vocation camp where we welcomed 20 girls coming from different parishes of our diocese of Moundou and wishing to know our congregation. They are interested in a missionary and apostolic life. The session was from August 7 to 12. The themes were: “Ecological conversion with Jesus” and “What are you looking for?” Each of us participated in the session and gave our part according to the proposed themes. In these two themes, we find that what marked the young people is that ecology is a question of loving and taking care of creation, starting with oneself. And for the second theme, vocation is to live a happy life with others and for others. We had the joy of sharing with them about our congregation: charism, spirituality and why we were founded by Cardinal Lavigerie. After that we had a day of sending on…

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