Daily Archives: January 5, 2023

So many overnight visitors we hadn’t seen for a long time! And as the visitors were so gracious to accept all kind of bivouac, all had a good night’s sleep! lt was right after the Pre-Chapter near Cologne (Germany). We had the joy first welcome our two leaders, Sr. Florence and  Sr. Maite – already before the Pre-Chapter and afterwards Sr. Piluca and Sr. Gosia were added to their number. Before the Pre-Chapter we had a friendly get-together with Sr. Florence and Sr. Maite giving us welcome news from the other Countries of our entity! It was the first time to meet Sr. Maite and now we had the joy of inviting them “home” here in Köln/Klettenberg. The evening after the Chapter we found ourselves again all together. Sr. Piluca shared some of her encouraging experiences with other Congregations! It was so good to see her once again after several…

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