Daily Archives: May 18, 2023

Friday May 12th was the day dedicated to the election of the Superior General of the MSOLA congregation. The capitulants began the day with the Eucharist asking the Holy Spirit to fill the hearts of the sisters in that important moment of the election of the new leader of the congregation. The whole day was dedicated to prayer, including a recollection animated by Fr. Dave Sullivan, Missionary of Africa. The morning was for personal discernment and in the afternoon the election took place. Sister Angela Nemilaki Kapitingana, Tanzanian, was elected Superior General. After all the hugs and congratulations, the singing and dancing expressed the joy of having a new leader of the congregation. Then, the capitulants went to the grotto of Our Lady which is under the house where the chapter is being held, to sing and express our thanksgiving to Mary. We ended with the Sancta Maria, the congregation…

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