Daily Archives: September 18, 2023

  From Sister Anafrida Biro, of our Gumo Community in Ghana When I think of our 26th Chapter, I feel very grateful for the experience lived. The Lord surprised me like the servants of the last hour. I did not expect to attend the Chapter. But one day I was asked to come and assure the service of translation (French to English). Fraterna Domus where we had our meeting, was a very conducive place for the work of the Chapter favouring one’s full presence. Simplicity seemed to be key: A simple convocation of the Holy Spirit, simplicity of our facilitators, our spiritual companion, a Marist brother who guided us in a recollection, Carol’s apostolic witness… I quickly noticed how God uses the simple ones to do great things! The language mostly used was English, so there were moments when I – from my place – could enter into reflections or…

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