Daily Archives: December 14, 2023

  Reported by our sister Helene Kavula Lavigerie Family recollection – Ouagadougou Section – Sunday, November 05, 2023 Apostolic zeal and dedication It was around this theme that the “Lavigerie Family” group met in Ouagadougou on Sunday November 05, 2023, for its first recollection since its foundation 15 months ago (August 2022). Led by Father Joseph Maoka, Missionary of Africa. The day began by inviting the members of the Lavigerie family present that day to be attentive to the Lord, who meets us in our daily state of mind, in silence. The Lord visits us in unexpected situations (1R19, 8-13). Apostolic zeal and dedication are rooted in various points developed in the course of the talk. Firstly, the Holy Trinity, through which we become aware that God is communion and has a plan to save mankind. That’s why he sent his Son Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh who reveals…

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