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The parish priest lit the candle of each child who then made a promise   Our Arusha Community celebrates Vocation Day in the St. Simon the Apostle Parish, in Arusha, Tanzania “I am the good Shepherd, I know my own and my own knows me and I know the Father and I lay down my life for them Jn 10, 11-18”   It was a tremendous and beautiful morning of Good Shepherd Sunday for our community and the Vocation Club ‘Chama cha miito’ which was begun by our postulants in previous years. We had been preparing how we could make the day colorful since it is Vocation Day. So we and the vocation club shortlisted our suggestions such as having a thanksgiving Mass, a meal together, entertainment, a fashion show, and having all the members of the club make a promise during Mass. At the beginning of the Mass, we…

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