Daily Archives: October 12, 2019

Sr. Fides Mbabaremporedu from Burundi, followed by Sr. Marie Kanyoni and Zawadi Barungu from D.R. Congo and Sr. Daphne Alphonso from the U.K.   « Where  the Lord has sent you, may you be able to contribute to making the culture of encounter grow, to be at the service of a dialogue that, in respect of the differences, is able to draw richness from others’ diversity. » said Pope Francis « …you know that the proclamation of the Gospel isn’t synonymous with proselytism; it is that dynamic that leads to making oneself close to others to share the gift received, the encounter of love that has changed your life and has led you to choose to consecrate your life to the Lord Jesus. It is the Gospel for the life and for the salvation of the world. » Pope Francis on February 8, 2019 received in audience the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of…

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