Daily Archives: January 26, 2020

Yahya avec les enfants de lassociation Soleil des Enfants apprennent sur les plantes nuakchot

Yahya with the Children of the Sun  learning about plants. July 11 was the launch of tree planting by the Islamic-Christian group (ICG), in collaboration with the Association ‘Children of the Sun’ in the suburbs of Arafat. Sr.Celina, who is the initiator of the « One tree per family » project, is also the head of the Islamic-Christian group. On the first day of the tree planting, Sr Celina with Victorine, Fr Victor the chaplain of the group, Sr.Marie Jesus, Daughter of Charity, four other members and a young Christian man joined the ‘Children of the Sun’ group to participate in the work of land preparation. They dug holes one meter deep and one meter in diameter. Then the holes were half filled with sand and manure. The first day they dug 8 holes because it was more difficult than expected. We had to organize ourselves for the work that everyone was doing for…

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